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Wire Article Published by thuvalpakshi on 31, Mon Oct 2022
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Created on : 18, Tue Oct 2022

This date back to 2020 when lock down started. Everyone was afraid to get out of the house fearing corona virus and all are bored in house as we all used to meet or party at least once in a week. So we used to do group video call during that time. That time I was busy with editing (?) some sports / physical exercise videos of my friend, that time Mr. Pradosh called me and discussed about shooting a short film sitting at home with out meeting anyone. All actors were casted through phone calls ( as of corona won't spread through mobile calls :) ) Then they started shooting using their own mobile phones. Everyone involved in the story shot their respective story part at their home using their phone, taking the help of their wife or children. Then video footage was shared to me through google drive which I had to edit according the screen play. During the entire process of making a short film of 10 min duration, there was no physical interaction with anyone.

The result was wonderful which you can enjoy below. As it was my first editing may be you can spot some mistakes. Please ignore mistakes..

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