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Wire Article Published by thuvalpakshi on 10, Fri Nov 2023
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Created on : 10, Fri Nov 2023

Anushakti Nagar Networking (ANN) Website was started in Sept 2010 after I joined BARC and started staying in Anushakti Nagar Township. My aim was to build a interactive platform to update the day today activities in colony and help each other.

Hence the ANN site was born !

Our Tag Line was "Think, Express, Educate, Socialise and Update Yourself - The one and only one site giving you the full Freedom of Expression and Power of Thought."

it is a site meant for all BARC/DAE employees and their Families to interact with irrespective of the colonies they belongs to. This is a joint venture to unite all employees and their families together under one roof, and to help each other.

I was very lazy or was not dedicated to do the programing later on as I was busy with other life things, I give less importance to ANN website and that was running till 2020. During the COVID time I brushed up my programing skill to update the website, since at that time php7.4 was released and php5.6 met a deadend.

So now I have updated the website to the latest version of framework, php8.1 and MySQL which again given life to ANN Website. Please visit site using the url https://www.anushaktinagar.net.

thank you

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