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Wire Article Published by thuvalpakshi on 16, Fri Sep 2022
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Created on : 16, Fri Sep 2022

I was using WAMP server until I came to know about the LARAGON. Laragon is a portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. It is fast, lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-extend. Laragon is great for building and managing modern web applications. It is focused on performance - designed around stability, simplicity, flexibility and freedom.

It has plenty of option which WAMP was lacking expecially automatic generation of urls, like {folder_name}.test. Yes you can change the ".test" to whatever you want.

the localhost webpage is not very much pretty which I modified according to myway.. You can check the Wire Gallery Images. Here is the code for doing so,

<?php if (!empty($_GET['q'])) { switch ($_GET['q']) { case 'info': phpinfo(); exit; break; } } $server = $_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE']; $document = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; $dirs = array_filter(glob('*'), 'is_dir'); $dir = array(); foreach($dirs as $di){ $dir[]=$di; continue; } $total = count($dir); function color(){ $r = rand(0, 255); //red $g = rand(0, 255); //green $b = rand(0, 255); //blue $color = "rgba($r, $g, $b, 0.9)"; return $color; } function projects($type, $dir){ $urls = ''; foreach ($dir as $key => $d){ $colors = color(); $link = "http://".strtolower($d).".ann:888/"; $name = strtoupper($d); if ($type == "web"){ $urls .= "<a class='sites' title = '".$name."' target='_blank' href='".$link."' style='background-color:".$colors."'>".$d."</a>"; }else{ $urls .= "<a class='sites' title = '".$name."' target='_blank' href='/".$d."' style='background-color:".$colors."'>".$d."</a>"; } } return $urls; } ?>

Wire Gallery

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