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Wire Article Published by thuvalpakshi on 22, Thu Sep 2022
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Recently my friend has introduced me to a scientific association in Anushakti Nagar which has a website developed in WP. Seeing the source code of website I was terrified. There was lot of CSS and JS files loaded in the background which were unnecessary and is not used in website any were. Almost 129 lines in header tags were filled with stylesheet link and javascript links. Happy(?) to say that it lacks the meta tags for SEO and this is not over yet. Seeing the bottom lines made me cry, which showed arround 60 lines of javascript src. Adding upto 900+ lines of code shows up in source. Many things are just there with out any use.

My this website loads all sections at a time ( not just home page but all pages) with in 3-4 sec and only has 800+ lines in source code.

In this condition I was assigned to make up a member login page and self editing profile fields. As I am new to WP and managed to do that using some plugins and imported around 5250 members.

It took me 3 days to understand how WP works.. :)

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Ajay Rathore Comment posted by Ajay Rathore on October 1, 2022, 1:33 pm with a rating :

wonderful job done. great

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