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Wire Article Published by thuvalpakshi on 01, Tue Nov 2022
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Created on : 01, Tue Nov 2022

Dear friends, Now a days for all day today activities we require apps installed in our mobile. We all are bound to our mobiles and the apps installed in it. During covid time we have seen the online classes and our mobiles played a vital role in studies too.. Learning App is skit written and directed by Pradosh CS which we presented on stage during TTFAC Onam Celebration at Anushakti Nagar.

Participants on Stage:
Kutty : Pradosh CS
Seema (Kutty's Wife) : Prathibha Pradosh
Son of Kutty and Seema : Advait D
Jhon Ettan : Sandeep KC
Gireesan : Satheesh PM
Magnisia : Sakhi Prakasan

Story and Direction : Pradosh CS

Light and Sound: Prakasan V

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