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Wire Article Published by thuvalpakshi on 20, Thu Apr 2023
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Created on : 19, Sun Mar 2023

I was using Linux Mint OS for the last few years and later I installed Kubuntu with KDE desktop Plasma. I was happy with it for the last few months. KDE plasma is great desktop version with lot of customization.

But my PC crashed few days ago and I thought of reinstalling everything from the scratch. So thought of giving a try to Gnome desktop.

Finally installed ubuntu 22.10..

Upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu Linux 23.04 – the “Lunar Lobster” was very easy. just use the command "sudo do-release-upgrade" and wooosh.. with 10-15 min upgrade was over and workstation restarted..

You can give a try to ubuntu which is simple and robest.

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