My Skills

The Joy of Learning and Sharing - A Journey in Programming : I'd like to express my gratitude for the incredible journey I've had in the world of programming. From my roots in the tranquil town of Nilambur to the bustling city of Mumbai, my passion for coding has remained steadfast and unwavering. Life led me to Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, where I reignited my love for programming, despite the twist of fate that led me to study MSc Physics than MCA at CUSAT. Instead of letting disappointment take over, I embraced the opportunity to learn something new while dedicating my free time to programming.

Over the years, I have delved into the intricacies of languages such as PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML and CSS transforming from a novice to an expert. My hobby of website development has been a constant companion for the past decade, pushing me to explore and create with boundless enthusiasm.

I take immense pride in my portfolio, a collection of projects that showcase my growth and passion for programming. Each line of code represents a story, a challenge, and a triumph in my journey. But beyond personal growth, I find joy in sharing my knowledge with others. Offering ebooks on programming languages is my way of giving back to the community that has nurtured and supported me throughout my path.

As I reflect on my experiences, I realize that the essence of learning lies not only in formal education but also in the pursuit of passions. Life may lead us down unexpected paths, but with an open mind and an eager heart, we can transform challenges into opportunities.

To all those who have been a part of my journey, thank you for your encouragement, support, and companionship. To those who wish to embark on their own programming journey, remember that knowledge is a gift that grows when shared. May the joy of learning and sharing continue to fuel our endeavors, opening doors to new possibilities and inspiring us to create a brighter future together.